1. This Auction is organised by BOLEYBAWN HORSES LTD, a company under Irish law, of which the address of the registered office is Fairwood, Tinahely, Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland.
  2. If one takes part in this auction, one agrees to these auction terms and agreements explicitly and unconditionally.
  3. By placing a bid you are entering into a binding contract to purchase the lot if you are the highest bidder.  If you or any bid associated with your account is placed and you are the highest bidder when the listing ends, you are obligated to purchase that lot. 
  4. Biddings and payments are made in EURO.
  5. Purchasers from outside the EU are charged at 0% Vat (Proof of export required).
  6. The sale is done according to Irish law. Any disputes shall only be settled by the courts.
  7. The buyer pays BOLEYBAWN HORSES LTD. one percent (1%) commission on top of the purchase price. It is brought to the buyer’s attention that in addition to the abovementioned expense, the buyer also has to pay possible 13.5% VAT on the purchase sum. If this is the case, Boleybawn Horses Ltd will create an Invoice.
  8. The purchase sum and expenses are payable to BOLEYBAWN HORSES LTD. after no more than twenty hour (24) hours. If the purchase price, the auction costs and possible other costs concerning the buying and selling of the foal/embryo are not paid for within twenty four hours, then BOLEYAWN HORSES LTD. may dissolute the selling legally and without any previous notice. The lot then remains property of Boleybawn Horses Ltd.
  9. There can be no full certainty about the sex of the embryo; the purchaser bears the risk. The purchase price of the embryo does not include the surrogate mare. The surrogate mare maybe purchase separately if the buyer so wishes for €1,500 plus 13.5% Vat. Alternatively the surrogate mare should be returned to Boleybawn, Tinahely, County Wicklow at the instruction and expense of the buyer when the foal has been weaned.
  10. Boleybawn Horses Ltd remains responsible for the embryo and surrogate mare until delivery. The delivery will be made in Ireland and cannot take place until the purchaser has paid the purchase price, the auction costs and possible other costs. The buyer has the possibility to insure the embryo and surrogate mare for the period between purchase and delivery. The buyer commits himself to pick up the foal/embryo at the seller’s place, if not agreed otherwise.
  11. If the buyer pulls out of the purchase, Boleybawn Horses Ltd. is entitled to immediately re-auction the embryo/foal without accepting the original bidder/buyer’s bid. The original bidder/buyer is obliged to pay Boleybawn Horses Ltd. the expenses for re-auctioning the embryo as well as the difference between his bid and a possibly lower purchase sum after re-auctioning.
  12. If a buyer can’t be immediately identified, the embryo/foal shall be called again.

  13. Boleybawn Horses Ltd reserves the following rights:

To refuse without reason the bidding of any person;
To bid on their own behalf up to the reserve price; and
To withdraw the Lot from sale at any time before it has been knocked down without disclosing the reserved price.

  1. By continuing here you have acknowledged and accepted that bidders must be over the age of 18 to register and to bid and agreed to the conditions of sale here and as printed in the catalogue for the sale you are bidding on.
  2. Warning: there may be a delay of up to 15 seconds during the online auction, depending on the speed of your connection, we advise all bidders to place bid in good time to account for this.

As per conditions should any dispute arise between two or more bidders or two simultaneous bids, the Auctioneer shall adjudicate on the dispute and their decision shall be binding on all parties. At their discretion, the Auctioneer may put up the Lot in dispute for Auction and re-sale.